About Malta, Gozo and Comino

  Malta, Gozo and Comino

  The Maltese Islands offer an exhilarating contrast of colours: the azure
  of the Mediterranean,  the mellow honey-coloured limestone which
  characterises the architecture, and clear skies. The Islands are a feast
  for the senses.

  Everywhere you go, a unique historic sight awaits. Temples, palaces,
  cathedrals, and forts provide a living history you can almost touch. 
  Sound plays an important part in the life of the Islands. The mix of fireworks
  and village band marches transforms a summer night into a special memory.
  The advantage of a stay on the Maltese Islands is that you can experience
  several holidays in one.

  Cuisine here is a taste of the Islands' multicultural heritage. Local restaurants
  offer a creative selection of tempting fare. After dinner, night clubs, wine bars
  and casinos beckon with their own brand of excitement.

  Should you wish more information about the Maltese Islands, click here to
  view and surf the the Official Site; Visit Malta.